The range of kitchenware, available today, is large and varied; items for every kitchen, large or small are available.

From kitchen utensils and cutlery to fry pans, stockpots and boilers, ladles, tongs, tea towels, thermometers, food mills, dicers and slicers, cake, pastry and baking items and floor mats, we can supply all your kitchen needs.

Colour coded kitchen utensils are popular items in the kitchen today. Colour coded items available include tongs, kitchen/Chefs knives, fry pans and cutting boards.

Storage: There are many styles and sizes of shelving and storage containers available. Including canisters, food storage bins and containers, jars, buckets, cutlery holders, dish washer racks and shelving for your cool room and dry goods store.

Pots and Pans: Fry pans, stockpots boilers and steamers are available in aluminium and stainless steel, deep fry baskets, saucepans, poachers, pizza and quiche pans, baking dishes, steamers and woks.

Chefs Clothing: A large range of Chef uniforms, in the latest designs is available.

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