Bar/Cellar Needs

We can supply a complete range of products to stock and operate your bar.

Glassware: A large range of glasses is available for every bar. Beer glasses, either standard or Nucleated, (Headstart and Headmaster) wine glasses, cocktail and specialty café and bistro glasses. A large range of polycarbonate drink ware and Stadium disposable beer cups is available to maximize safety and minimize breakages.

Bar Needs: We can assist you with a range of bar needs to enhance the preparation and presentation of drinks at your bar. Trays, glass racks, bar runners and floor matting, wine buckets and drink blenders and much more. Our range of cocktail accessories, include straws and straw dispensers, cocktail parasols, swizzle sticks, cocktail shakers. We offer a large range of glass washers and under bar and display refrigeration.

Spirit Measures: Our range of weights and measures approved spirit measures helps you to comply with current regulations for the dispensing of spirits.

Hygiene: Hygiene in the bar and cellar is important for the efficient and food safe supply of drinks to your customer. For mould and fungus control, glass cleaning, beer line cleaning, disinfecting of keg couplings and fittings; we supply the chemicals to clean and maintain the cellar, the bar area and your glasses.

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